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Primer: OpenLayers

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Attribute Form

Create a form with fields from attributes read from a WFS DescribeFeatureType response

Attribute Store & Reader

Create records with attribute types and values with an AttributeStore.

Grid with Features

Synchronize selection of features between a grid and a layer.

Layer Tree

Create a layer tree with a LayerContainer.

Layer Opacity Slider

Use a slider to control layer opacity.

Legend Panel

Display a layer legend in a panel.

Map Panel

Render a map panel in any block level page element.

Map Panel (in a Viewport)

Render a map panel in a viewport.

Map Panel (in a Window)

Render a map panel in a Window.

Feature Popup

Display a popup with feature information.

Modifying Popups

Update a popup with information from multiple locations.

Interactive Print Extent

Change print scale, center and rotation with the PrintExtent plugin.

Printing OpenStreetMap

PrintMapPanel with an OSM map.

Feature Renderer

Render a vector feature with multiple symbolizers in a box component.

Filter Form Panel

Use a form to build an OpenLayers filter.

Style Reader

Rendering and basic editing of SLD rules or an SLD ColorMap with a store created using

Toolbar with Actions

Create a toolbar with GeoExt Actions.

Tree Nodes

Create all kinds of tree nodes.

Tree Legend

Render layer nodes with legends.

Vector Legend

Render a legend for a vector layer.

WFS Capabilities Store

Create layer records from WFS capabilities documents.

WMS Capabilities Store

Create layer records from WMS capabilities documents.

WMS Capabilities Tree

Create a tree loader from WMS capabilities documents.

Scale Chooser

Use a ComboBox to display available map scales.

Zoom Slider

Use a slider to control map scale.